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Fun with unix commands -(Bash & imdb-api )

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I’ve been a Windows user for long. I had wanted to switch to Linux, learn a good bit of commands and shell scripting, but never really started until about a month back. So with a fresh install of Ubuntu,  as I was trying with Seds and awks, I just thought I could put these newly learned commands into fun use. And I remembered how I wished for the 1000GB of movies (my brother had that in an external harddisk) sorted based on imdb ratings.

Geekish work starts:

There’s a great RESTful API put up at

So all that was required was:

  • Scanning the filesystem for video files
  • Strip away unwanted words from movie’s filename
  • Encode the filenames (esp, spaces and apostrophes)
  • Send request to imdbapi
  • Parse the result 

So what I ended up with was some bash scripts run like this:

sh | ./ > mlist.txt

sh  (that saves JSON response in a file mresponse.txt)

Not much need to parse it. Just replace every } with a newline character and save it as a CSV file.

Open the file with the seperator character set as : and voila ! Movie names, ratings, votes, decription etc go into different columns.

Ha, so can do all sorts of sorting 😉

Here’s the code:

Scanning the filesystem for video files, trimming away needless words from filenames -Scan directory given as argument. Else scan current directory for videos.

if [ -z $1];
echo 'Directory parameter not provided. Searching in current dir'
echo 'Searching in' $1

find $dir -iname *.avi |
sed "s/.*\///g" | #remove any path info
sed "s/\./ /g"| #replace . with space
sed "s/\[.*//g; s/(.*//g; s/DVD.*//i; s/xvid.*//i; s/rip.*//i; s/.avi//g"

Then the encoding part

sed "s/ /%20/g" |
sed "s/'/%27/g"

Sending request:

echo "" > mresponse.txt #clear contents initially
while IFS= read -r line
echo "Movie #"$count "requesting imdb for info about"$line
curl"$line" >>mresponse.txt
echo "info on" $count "movies retrieved"

So to cheat without parsing, the insertion of newlines

 cat mresponse.txt |
sed "s/}/\n/g"

plus saving this as csv and opening with : as separator is all that’s left !

I’m walking down the list watching the best rated movies ! Fun 🙂

[Update: Did a Java Swing application later, that scans the filesystem for .avi files, queries for imdb info for each movie, parses the result using Jackson and creates  a CSV report of it using OpenCsv. Try out  Download section has the executable JAR ]

***End of post. WordPress Ads may follow***

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October 26, 2011 at 6:36 pm

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  1. Nice way to have fun…great post vishwa


    November 5, 2011 at 3:31 am

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